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Our Earth Has Shifted, Says Inuit Leaders

Inuit leaders have given various facts about the changes in the climatic conditions of the earth.

Inuit people are indigenous people living a life in the snow world of arctic region of Canada, the United States & Greenland.

Throughout history, their life has been dependent on weather forecast, one of the things they are master in. The area they inhabit is almost continually frozen under a layer of permafrost. They built tents or tepees of caribou skin in warmer months, and lived in igloos in the winter.


They have been sending information to NASA, which has made them worry and they also say that now with the changes it’s difficult for them to.

Here are the facts Khurki brings to you via Inuit leaders:

1. Cause of sudden earthquakes, extreme weathers and other calamities is not global warming but ‘earth-shifted’


2. They say their sky has changed


3. Sun is neither rising from where it was previously nor setting at the same place it used to


4. Stars have also changed their positions


5. The Sun is much higher than earlier


6. The days heat up more quickly and last longer


7. Change in the positions of stars and moon has also changed the temperatures


8. The elders do not believe that carbon emissions from humans are causing the current climate changes

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Devashish Vaid
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