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Oops! Shabana Got Ghazal Maestro’s Name Wrong!


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What’s with the celebs these days?? Is it done intentionally because they know it gets them trending all of a sudden??

But Shabana Azmi doesn’t really come to my mind when I think of such wrong spelling wale celebs..shabana-azmi-khurki.net

But Alas..!! She did it too…she just misspelled the name of the legendary ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh Ji while supporting the Ghulam Ali concert in India.

Check For Yourself:

Now that Jazbaa is out and it’s being reviewed, here’s a way of getting on the trend meter.

Pehle bhi celebs like Sonakshi, Anushka and Sonam got trolled on social media for their spelling mistakes.. and this time it’s Shabana Azmi.

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