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And You Thought Only Humans Were Intelligent..!!


Upaali Dhawan
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Defining intelligence is not easy. Is it an ability for abstract thought? Communication ? Reasoning? Problem solving? It’s a troubling concept for humans because we know we have it but we’re not so sure what exactly it is


Humans pride themselves on their intelligence but a growing body of research is showing that animals, too, posses some of the ingenuity.

Sounds absurd..!! Well, it’s true…

First take a look at this video and then we’ll talk about it…

So, what do you think.?!?! I thought the video is pretty amazing. I couldn’t stop thinking about this video ever since I saw it.

OK firstly, did you see how the cows were skeptical to cross the mud bridge. As if they were intuitive that the bridge was not fit to cross. And I guess they were right. Some instinct!!


But, let me admit, I felt really bad for the cow who got stuck in the pit. I’m sure you all felt the same. It struggled real hard to get out of the pit but couldn’t succeed. Losing all hope it sat in despair. Eventually, the poor cow had to be pulled out by the village people.

But what was amazing in this video is how the other cows used their aptness. I was rather surprised at what they did. How cleverly they jumped over the pit was amazing. Even the village people were happy to see what the cows did.

So, what do you think!! Thinking .. huh!!

BEWARE of the animals..!!

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