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If You Are A Teacher Don’t Read it, Others Go-ahead!!


Rachit Bhargav
An extrovert with extra craving for travelling the world and exploring new places and technology is his first love first wife and again 'extra' marital.

Whenever we say we miss our school days, we genuinely mean the fun, games period, friends, school trips, and all the stupid stuff.

We never mean teachers, subjects, scores, morning assembly, or the principal for that matter. But when I say we don’t miss teachers I doubt myself, because any school buddies gang is useless if they don’t make fun of their teachers when they hang out.

You cannot also deny the fact that there are teachers whom we genuinely like and stay in touch with our entire life. Their cliche’d dialogues become a source of fun and laughter.

Khurki brings you some of those dialogues and their actual meaning. Enjoy the nostalgic laughter.

1. If you are not interested, then you may leave the class

School Teachers

Trust me, she lied when she gave you the option of leaving the class.

2. This class is worse than a fish market

Getting the above tittle is World Heavyweight Championship of school life.

3. Are you here to waste your parents’ money?

“Well if you are so worried why don’t you pay my fee” – I always wanted to say.

4. Tell me when you all have finished talking

School Teachers

Translation: Stop making noise you idiots, like right now!

5. Why are you laughing? Come here and tell us, we’ll also laugh

You simply can’t do that, she also knows but still why, miss why?

6. Do you think teachers are fools to teach you?

School teachers



My God, we all agreed with this statement.

7. Don’t try to act oversmart with me

School Teachers

Well, the one you are scolding has already done it many times with you, but got caught this time.

8. Why do you come to the class when you don’t want to study?

“Because getting education is a basic need to live in our society which i just don’t like”- Roll No. 11

9. The previous batch was 100 times better than yours

Another World Heavy Weight Championship Title!

10. If you want to talk then you may get out of the class

In this situation, you seriously don’t have the option. You just have to shut your mouth.

11. You, yes you… I am talking to you only, don’t look back

And then you try to make that Alok Nath face, which sadly turns out to be an epic fail!!

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