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One Sentence Story Expressing Tsunamis Of Emotions!


Devashish Vaid
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Remember the time people used to narrate stories longer than scripts of Ashutosh Gowariker films. With one sentence stories coming in trend, those days are long gone. And going with the trend, here we are with our one sentence story.

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Emotions are not easy to express. That’s why there are a very few writers who can express the emotions one can relate with. These days, love stories don’t have depth. Well in that case, the phrase love never dies was the biggest lie ever told. In our POV, love is something eternal and even the modern generation realizes it. A 20-something can also feel the depth of love. And when it comes to expressing them the Gen-Y way, this is what the best form looks like.

One Sentence Story Expressing Tsunamis Of Emotion!


1 One Sentence Story One Sentence Story One Sentence Story One Sentence Story One Sentence Story

Depth of love is not measured in the number of words. This was what we meant by one sentence story expressing tsunamis of emotion!

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