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OMG Facts 9: Use Your Brain To Burn Calories Daily



And, we are back! We have dug out some more very-very amazing OMG Facts. Like, right now as you read this, there are as many as 4,000 people having sex! And, that in a rare kind of brain disorder, the one afflicted by it can start speaking in a foreign language without any connection. Believe you me, it’s true!


1. Nearly half (44%) of the American population is single. Washington, D.C. seems to have an especially flourishing single life – around 70% of adults are unmarried

1. singles

2. Chance that a dollar bill contains remnants of cocaine are 80%

OMG Facts #9

3. Your brain burns 20% of your daily calories, despite only being 2% of your body mass

3. brain calories

4. 4,000 people are having sex right now

4. sex

5. The human body has enough fat to produce seven bars of soap

5. soap

6. Foreign Accent Syndrome is an extremely rare brain disorder that causes sufferers to speak involuntarily in a foreign accent

OMG Facts #9

7. Almost 5% of white American adults are natural blonds. Dumb, eh!

OMG Facts #9

8. Women with circumcised partners are less likely to get cervical cancer

OMG Facts #9

9. Two-third of all illiterate adults are female

OMG Facts #9

10. QR codes have been popping up in cemeteries. When you scan a code on a gravestone, you can read an obituary and see photos of the deceased

OMG Facts #9

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