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OMG Facts 11: Kissing Is Penalised In Italy


Here we are with the next set of OMG Facts that keep the humour and surprise elements alive in your life.

For starters how about the fact that Americans consume 10 billion ounces of ketchup in a year and you can be fined if you wink at a woman in Iowa! Weird, no! Well, that’s what Khurki picks out specially for you!

1. Melbourne, Australia has a ban on men wearing strapless gowns in public


2. Kissing in a moving vehicle in Eboli, Italy? Get ready to pay a 415 Euro fine


3. It’s illegal to slurp soup in a restaurant in New Jersey


4. If you make an ugly face at a dog in Oklahoma, you can go to jail


5. In Hartford, Connecticut you are not allowed to teach any dog anything


6. You can be fined if you wink at a woman in Ottumwa, Iowa BushDM0507_468x308

7. If you’re working at a cheese factory in Ferrara, Italy, it’s illegal to fall asleep


8. A woman is only allowed to skydive in Florida on a Sunday if she is married


9. In Iran it’s legal to have sex with a domesticated animal, but illegal to have sex with wild animals  1259583

10. Americans consume 10 billion ounces of ketchup each year                  horohfohrfiu

Hope we were able to feed that need of humour in you by bringing such OMG Facts! Comments awaited in the box below!

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