Obama Joins Twitter, Modiji Not On Follower List. Who’ll Make The First Move?


Rachit Bhargav
An extrovert with extra craving for travelling the world and exploring new places and technology is his first love first wife and again 'extra' marital.

How does one have only three tweets in his account and have over 1.55 M followers (1.57 M as we are writing this.)

Well, it is definitely possible if you are the President of the USA. Finally, Barack Obama has his official Twitter account @POTUS.

George Bush, The First Lady and Bill Clinton besides the White House official accounts are among the 65 accounts the US President is following. Interestingly, Indian Prime Minister-cum-friend Narendra Modi is not on the list.

One of Obama’s followers and an old hand at Twitter, National Conference president Omar Abdullah had this to say:

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