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Get Smart And Avoid Buying Fake Jewellery!

The world we live in is full of con artists and people out there to fleece you. It’s easy to tell someone they’re buying real gold or silver jewelry when it’s actually fake. There are some tell-tale signs that you can research to know the difference, or get your gold or silver jewelry from a trusted seller. Having said this, many people still get tricked, you either get smarter or get ready to be taken for a ride that you will regret for sure. The same principle applies when you go out to buy jewellery. You need to be extra careful when you buying jewellery from a new place. With wanting to buy jewellery through companies such as JACOBS THE JEWELLER, you shouldn’t have any issues getting your hands on what you order. With this being said, it is still important to do your research into a company you are not familiar with. And never pay for jewellery without having any idea about it. Presently many respected jewellery brands come up with a stamp and a certificate. But they can also be fake. We are not trying to scare you, it’s just a word of caution. You could opt for alternatives such as silicone rings to avoid this risk, but if you prefer precious jewellery, follow our tips and you will be able to protect yourself from buying fake jewellery in future.

5 Always insist on a stamped certificate

Don’t just accept any certificate as certificate. Have a close look at it. Ensure if it mentions essential details like the weight, carat value, hallmark seal and the break up charges. The hallmark stamp cannot be easily duplicated.

4 Do not buy diamonds without a certificate

Never buy diamonds without a certificate. Common people will never be able to tell by looking at a stone if it is genuine or fake. If the jeweller is not giving you a certificate, then in all probability the stone is fake.

3 Do the magnet test

Pure gold can never get attracted to a magnet as it has no iron particles in it. If you have a doubt about the quality of gold that you are buying, use a magnet. It will help you out.

2 Do a background check of the company?

If you are planning to buy jewellery online, then do check the credentials of the company. And never pay beforehand. Always see the jewellery, get it checked and then pay for it.

1 Bite it to be sure

When you touch the jewellery you ordered, it should feel smooth and gentle to touch but if it feels soldered, then do not buy it. And try to bite it, if there is a dent then the jewellery is fake.


  1. Thanks for sharing this information. There are a lot of fake jewellers in the market who claim of selling real jewellery. Customers should deeply verify before buying any jewellery piece.


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