Nose Rings For Fashion Fanatics or Freaks?


As part of Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine (which is still practiced today), it is believed that a hole in a woman’s left nostril relieves some of the pain in childbirth.

However, the side of the piercing (or if piercing both sides or the centre) depends on region and community. I’m told that generally the left side is common in North India and the right side is common in South India.

Let’s take a look at how the nose ring has seen its best and freaked out at its worst wearer…

Starting with the good ones ..!!!


Multi cultural use of nose rings is what we just saw..

Here are the bad ones which made me go..WTF..!!

So my dear fashion fanatics and freaks, just make sure you get the best one which suits your personality and try experimenting too..but make sure you don’t go over board with the experiments..


In case you don’t wanna trouble yourself by the piercing and the’s how you can simply ‘fake it’..!!

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