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And The Nominees For The Loneliest People of 2015 Are…

Being lonely is never a choice. But, in this tech dependent world, materialism has eaten up the true emotions of humans.

Hilariously, being alone at times is not just sad but awkward too. In our lives, we come across situations where we are alone, there’s nobody to talk or hangout with, that is very normal. But if you get captured during one of those moments of life, all you get is a number in some funny listicle being written in some other part of the world.

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Khurki brings you the nominees for loneliest men of 2015…

1 This guy who sleeps through his failure every night!

2 And that’s what Chetan Bhagat meant by ‘Half Girlfriend!

3 Failing is severe when successful people are around you!

4 I love myself level infinity!

5 Oh, so this is what we call a bachelors party!

6 When all fat guys turn out to be rich brats!

7 They said look around, happiness is everywhere!

8 I am an ugly boy in the Barbie world….!!

9 I, Me & Myself!

10 F**K Girls, I love cola!!

11 When you are so close to your dreams!!

12 Poetry from heart and pocket!!

13 Love is blind, and desperation is senseless!

14 Sometimes all you need is a hug!

15 When every crunch of a popcorn comes with a heart break!

16 Giving yourself a treat is not always a bad deal, but WTF is with selfie stick!!

17 Bitten by the bug of social acceptance!

18 When you realise you are out of focus in your own photograph!

19 The ‘Awww moment’ of her life be like!

20 This biker ruling the internet with photoshop!

So, who’s the winner. Actually, each one is in their own right!

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