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And The Nominees For The Best Protest Signs Are…


The world has been witness to many protests. People keep coming up with novel ideas and innovations to register their anger, resentment or protest. There are the people who always stand out not in the crowd. If you have been watching a sporting event, am sure you must have seen some innovative poster. And when these are duplicated or used in protests, they seriously convey the meaning and the agony. Here are some situations when some of the best protest signs were captured. And trust me you won’t be able to thank the cameraperson enough for these clicks. And the nominees for the best protest signs are…

16 When you want change, but after eating

15 When you are so pissed that you make an effort

14 Truth is not always pleasing

13 When you are genuinely concerned for people

12 When you want something, but don’t know when

11 When shit is real serious for a teen

10 That’s straw-ange!

9 I like moose. Wait what?

8 This made an honest confession

7 When you thought it was a costume protest march

6 When a little is too much for you

5 Oh ho…

4 Somebody got a plan

3 For those who will comment, this one was not a protest sign!

2 Compromise level: 784598687

1 When your friend has organised the protest

So when are you going out there with such sign?

Image Sourced: Facebook.com/ListPosts



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