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Imagine…Nitish Kumar Seeks Taantrik Help For Bihar!

“The Tantrik advised Nitish to get rid of Lalu otherwise his political career will be over.” This is what Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Giriraj Singh said when asked about the Taantrik visit video which he has uploaded on Youtube.

He continued saying that Nitish doesn’t have double standards, he has triple standards. After two rounds of polling, Nitish has realised that the common man is no more supporting him so he has decided to get rid of Lalu.

So now you know what I am talking about right..!! Nitish Kumar has recently been seen with a Taantrik baba seeking his ‘shaktiyan’ to win over Bihar.

The baba can be heard berating Lalu Prasad in the video. “We said ‘Nitish zindabad’ and ‘Lalu murdabad’ and you joined hands with the same Lalu,” is what Taantrik baba asked Nitish.

After people condemned this video..calling it a non-issue, Lalu mocked and said, “I am a bigger tantrik than anyone else, I don’t believe in these things.”

BJP leader Ananth Kumar, in turn, claimed that Lalu was right in calling him a tantrik. “Lalu is saying that he is a maha tantrik. He is actually a maha tantrik because tantriks stay in jungles and he had transformed Bihar into a jungle raj,’ he said adding that Bihar wants development and only Narendra Modi-led NDA can provide that.


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Team Khurki
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