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Is ‘Niqab’ All About A Particular Religion?

A lot of people when hear the word ‘Niqab’ think that it’s being referred to a particular religion. But is that really so??

Don’t we all cover our faces in certain conditions??

Here is one anonymous Tumbler user who has taken to the web to create a Tumblr page called Niqabs of/du Canada and it really does neutralize ones mind regarding the religious intolerance towards many aspects of the Islamic religion.

Here are some of the pictures which made me smile yet understand that Muslims aren’t the only ones who wear a Niqab. The Tumblr page pokes fun at the politicizing of the religious garment during the election campaign by displaying photos of Canadians covering up their faces for not-so-religious reasons…usually because it’s bitterly cold.

As the Canadian elections are approaching, the Niqab debate is becoming the centrepoint for candidates who wish to woo their supporters. This aspect has been fiercely debated about while the Bloc Québécois faced criticism for a new campaign ad that aimed to win back support from the NDP in Quebec.

The ad, released online showed oil leaking from a pipeline then morphing into a niqab — and slammed the New Democrats for their position on both issues. In the ad, the Bloc Québécois warns a new pipeline is coming “even if we don’t want it” if Thomas Mulcair’s NDP wins the election.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada says since the rule barring the face coverings from being worn took effect in 2011 two women have been refused the chance to take the oath of citizenship because of it.

Jean-François Delisle, an NDP candidate in the Mégantic—L’Érable, told The Canadian Press on Friday he believes the niqab should not be allowed while taking the citizenship oath. He said if Mulcair opens the constitution to abolish the Senate, he could also take the opportunity to redefine the limits of religious freedom.

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