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We Bet You’ve Never Heard Of These Ice Cream Combos!

No other dessert in the world is as popular as the ice cream. Every city has its own version. As we did some digging, we realized that there is a whole range from the classic flavours to the wackiest of combinations. These crazy combinations are sure to mess with your head and your palate for sure. And if you have tried some other crazy combinations, do write to us and let us know…

Sausage and beer combo in Munich

You will find this combo in Germany, where people very emotional about ice cream. Every year in the Oktoberfest, famous ice cream maker Matthias Muenz creates a wacky ice cream flavour. The beer and sausage combo is served as a snack on a pretzel.

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Booza the ice cream without eggs and cream

You will find this ice cream in Damascus. Look for Bakdash, which must be one of the oldest ice cream parlours in the Middle East. This ice cream uses Arabic gum native to this region. And it has a topping of crunchy pistachios.

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Heston’s egg and bacon in London

When we talk of wacky food, Heston Blumenthal has to figure on the list. He has a cult following in the food world and likes to give a twist to all classic food dishes. In his version of this ice cream, bacon is served with ice cream that actually looks like scrambled egg and tastes like eggs too. And he tops it with a Earl Grey jelly and red pepper jam. How wacky is that?

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Banana Split in Michigan

The Americans can be given full credit for the banana split ice cream. And when in Michigan, have it at Tony’s 1-75 joint. We bet you will be shocked to read what we will share next. In the version of this joint, you are served two liters of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice creams with a single banana split order. For garnish, you devour cherries, pineapple chunks soaked in chocolate syrup.

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Ice cream sundae and gelato in Rome

When in Rome ask for Giolitti, which is the oldest and most famous ice cream parlour of Rome. You get to choose from flavours like apricot, champagne, and mascarpone. And their best seller is the ice cream sundae called Coppa Olimpica, a sponge cake topped with wine flavoured custard, that looks like the Olympic torch.

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