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Things Even Google Doesn’t Have Answers To…Thank Us Later!



There were times when we had infinite memory, but sad to admit that we are limited to gigabytes. And having 128 or 256 GB makes us feel that we have a lot of memory. Unaware of the infinite memory we used to have and trust. This limited memory has made us dependent on devices and search engines for storage. The library called mind is hardly used to remember anything from past or for future. This dependency has made us rely on Google for anything & everything.

When would you realize that the real sensation of information and entertainment can’t be felt through Google? Because nothing can replace the real people. Same reason why live music is better then recorded. So get out of the trap of limits, never ask Google for the following things:

For Friendship


Image Source Quotesgram

Social networking sites are increasing every hour and making us less social and more desperate. If you are looking for friends, look around and not on the damn screen.

For Relationship


Image Source PopSugar

Again, “dosti ko rishtedaari mein badalte hain”, that’s the next step from online friendship. There are many dating apps and websites at your disposal. But certainly none of them would ever let you find you the love for life.

For the love of nature

loop rainer watefall

You love animals, wildlife and mountains? Don’t share their pictures, go there. The serenity of the rivers and oceans can’t be felt on high resolution screens.

For Travel Experience


Image Source The Column from Trafalgar

‘I like to travel’ is the new black. And for the love of travel, you seek out YouTube videos and pictures on the internet for experience. Please realise that the real experience lies in going out for real.

For Happiness


Image Source Entrepreneur

You want to be happy, be. Instead of looking for happiness on Google, search for it in life. If it is not there, try and create it for one and all. Do not look for it in comic videos or movies. Because no one on their death bed is flashed with the amazing YouTube video they saw, those are the real memories.

Medical Help


Image Source India Today

This is so very important, now you have web doctors and medicine reviews. Never ever take or apply any medicare after reading it on internet. It can be fatal.

So look for life in life, not World Wide Web. 

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
Humour, creativity, writing, travel, music and non-stop chattering describe me the best!!! Find me on: Facebook |  Twitter

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