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#NepalDisasterReliefByMSG: Finally, He Gets An Upgradation In The Eyes Of The Logical World

Many of us have criticized his acts of self glorification in his film MSG. But this self-proclaimed Messenger of God is actually helping the people hit by Nepal earthquake from the ‘act of god’. Ram Rahim (with due respect to all his suffixes and prefixes) is doing a great deed for the humanity, by himself going to the disturbed areas and unlike his film behaved and helped like an ‘Insan’.

So here is what Insans on Twitter #NepalDisasterReliefByMSG have to say about it:

 Ignore her English, but she appreciates the right thing…

And when the Indian Media appreciated him.

These volunteers are actually making us all feel proud of Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan

This time they say, ‘ Doctor insaan ka roop hota hai

This gesture of his actually deserves respect of the people of country, and this is the time when all logical thinking minds of our country should appreciate his efforts. 

Being Insan is the new black for some these days. 

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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