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Naughty Things You Can Do When You Are Angry!

At times, anger can consume us so badly that we might become dangerous for others and ourselves.But here’s a solution for you. Don’t be angry, be naughty instead. We have suggestions for you on how to be naughty to control your anger.

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No, it is not a suggestion to join anger management classes or lectures. Just be NAUGHTY! Naughtiness gives you a ‘high’ & a ‘high’ releases stress and anger. So here’s your naughty-things-to-do-list to help you get over your anger.

If you are angry with a neighbour, do the “Tona-Prankand hang Nimboo (lemon) & Mirchi outside her house


If the reason of your anger is your boss, it’s the ‘Rasgulle Prank’. Offer him mithai after spitting on them


If you are angry with God, buy parsad from a temple shop, eat it and come back home


If you are angry with the non-stop ting-ting of a WhatsApp group, start posting non-veg jokes!

If you are angry with a friend, get him to get ready for an outing and then don’t show up!

If you are angry with Virat Kohli, send him the DVD of Duck Tales season

Virat Kohli

If you are angry with your room mate, scratch your back side with HIS toothbrush


If you are angry with your maid, hide her broom!


For the teachers, if you are angry with your students, don’t leave the class for five minutes after the bell rings!


If its with yourself, raise your hand and please yourself till the last..ahhhh…

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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