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Have A Nagging Wife? Use Our Tips To Deal With The Disaster!


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Some people face a peculiar dilemma every day when it is time to go home. They can either go and sit at the doorstep or share the house with a nagging wife. Is your love life touching the bottom rung and has all the peace been sucked out of your life? Are you always sighing and sulking? Yes, then you my friend are living with a nagging wife. But all is not lost yet, we have for you today some practical tips to deal with a nagging spouse.

Always try to stay calm

A wife does not become a nagging monster overnight. If you think she won’t become loving and calm ever again, then just accept it as a fact. For starters, train yourself to be calm and accommodating with her bad attitude. Once she sees that you are not revolting, she might calm down.

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Try and surprise her

Sometimes, your little surprises and sudden acts of kindness will calm her irritability. Try bringing her flowers, take her out for the movies or just make breakfast for her. She might forget her complaints for sometime.

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Appreciate the goodness in you

Accept the fact in your head that you are not perfect, so don’t expect her to be too. When she is in the mood, tell her that we all are humans and can make mistakes. Self esteem is a big thing for women, handle it with care.

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Try not to be touchy

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Try not to hit her under the belt at every chance you get. If you don’t like nagging, then please understand that she does not like it too. If you are a little compassionate and understanding, it will help your relationship in the long run.

Look for solutions not problems

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Life is all about your attitude. Appreciate your wife for the small things she does for you and soon she will return the favour. When she is in a light mood, try and work the problems with her, instead of playing the blame game.

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