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I Always Wanted My Man To Do These Things, But…!



Here are those things that I really want my man to do but without me telling him to do it (I wish he reads this one for sure). There are things that a woman wants from a man that move beyond words, sounds in fact, the whole material world in general. Click NEXT to start reading the 7 things that I wish my man would do for me. 🙂

A warm hug from behind when I am stressed…

Just the right way to relieve my stress! We all have some moments which we really want in our life…some of which are talked about and expressed but some are too intimate or personal for any girl to open up about..!!


Kiss on the nape of my neck…

Ab to ladkiyan fir bhi kaafi kuchh express kar leti hain, but you know that feeling that comes when your man does exactly what you always wanted him to do…you feel…arre I always wished for this and you did exactly the same…awww I love you..!

Source: flickr

Caress my feet…

Especially when I sit with my feet tucked under his bum! That, I am sure, would be from the deepest portion of your heart…

Source: flickr

Hugs me unexpectedly…

How about catching me when I am busy working in the kitchen… So filmy, I know!


Holds my hand when I don’t expect it!

Kind of a reassurance when his mummy is shouting at the top of her voice…Just to show ‘I am with you’!

holding hands-khurki.net

Should listen carefully! Not just pretend though!

Lend me an ear and then in the middle of the entire conversation, just smile at me and when I ask him ‘hass kyun rahe ho‘ he should look into my eyes and say ‘you are beautiful‘..!!


Accept my bohemianism…

If I want a tattoo then he should be the one driving me to the tattoo studio..bhale hee uske baad woh sofe pe soya hua mile. (Log kya kahenge bola to mukka padega)

Source: flickr
Source: flickr

Well, a lot of more can be said…but let’s be a little intriguing too..!! Lols..if you have some things which you wish to convey to your loved one..then this is where you can do it..dil khol ke..!!

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KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

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