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Khurki Suggests The Must-Do Things For You In Kerala!


Priya Aurora
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Don’t go to Kerala without a list of things to do. If you miss out on something, then don’t blame us. The state has so much to offer.

1. You must watch a Kathakali dance


The live performance in the night will truly leave you mesmerized.

2. A trip to the Iringal Crafts Village is a must

Iringal Crafts Village

This unique village offers you an insight on the cultural diversity of the state. Pick something made from coconut shells or fibre.

3. You cannot miss a Kalaripayattu Bout

Kalaripayattu Bout

Have a glimpse at this majestic martial art that dates back 3000 years. The athletic strength of the performers will truly bewilder you.

4. Exploration of the sandalwood forest at Marayoor 

sandalwood forest at Marayoor

The fragrance of this forest will stay with you for life. And you get the added treat of rock painting from the pre-historic era too.

5. Ride an elephant


If you leave Kerala without riding an elephant, you will regret it for life.

6. A Theyyam performance will enthrall you


This open air theatre performance is sure to leave you awe struck. You might not understand the hymns, but the music will surely impress you.

7. Periyar is famous for Bamboo rafting


Besides the boat race, Kerala is also famous for its forest reserves. Nature buffs can have a ball in Periyar.

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