Mumbai Girls On Being A Pornstar & Other Less-Talked Stuff!


This is modern India, where we are seemingly open to talk about sex but T&C apply. So, here’s this girl who went on the streets of Mumbai asking ladies whether they would be a pornstar. Or if they want to have a pornstar name, what would that be? I bet this would extend to Absolute Angels professional escorts if they decided to become one of those too.

Much to the anchor’s surprise, these girls gave some good answers. People might judge them for their choices and answers. But before you judge somebody, simply look at your internet history. The stuff you could be carrying in your phone is certainly stored somewhere in your mind as well. Everything sexual is subjective, vulgar for one can be a turn-on for another.

So keeping the chief justice inside you dead, watch this fun video by Vox Fabula.

Mumbai Girls On Being A Pornstar & Lot More Less Talked Stuff!

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