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Mommy Alert! Is Your Kiddo Going Abroad To Study?


Priya Aurora
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Is your child going abroad to study? And like all Indian mommies you are worried that he or she will not eat on time or lose health?

Don’t worry, at Khurki we understand your dilemma completely. So we made a list of things that you can add to their suitcase, without telling them.

And when he opens his bag in pardes, he will miss you like hell. We will make up for the mommy ke haath ka khaana that they won’t get there.

1. Pressure Cooker


Yes, it may sound shocking to some. But just go check the rates of pressure cookers on amazon.com and you will rest your case.

2. Tawa


So what if you did not get visa to leave him. But only you can understand the value of roti and sabzi at the end of the day. (Kids, we didn’t say that you have to use it too!!)

3. Desi Ghee


This is a tricky one. Mother dear please do not hide this in the bag without telling her, the goras might just catch her at the airport for yellow explosives.

4. Garam Masala


Now this is an essential ingredient that they can sprinkle on any food they find bland and boring.

5. Besan Ladoos


For khaane ke baad meetha ho jaye. And to make up for the energy he loses by burning the midnight oil.

6. Uncle Chipps / Kurkure


Your poor baby wouldn’t know that chips are called crisps abroad. And why should he go out looking for them, when you are sending a bagful for him.

7. Aam Ka Achaar

Rajpal Yadav-khurki.net

We won’t argue on this one. There is nothing like coming home to a simple roti with mom’s mango pickle. Heaven.

8. Parle G


How can you send him away without the national biscuit of India – Parle G.

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