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What Mothers Secretly Want But Never Tell? Happy Mother’s Day!


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Priya Aurora
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Mothers are amazing creatures. Motherhood makes their life exhausting, messy and humbling.

They put their needs on the backburner and forget all about themselves.

All our mommies are on a roller coaster ride 24/7, all thanks to us. So we wondered that if we were to ask them what they wanted this Mother’s Day, they would probably say:

1. A remote controlled, self changing diaper

2. Teenaged children who don’t argue on everything and roll their eyes

3. To be able to wake up one day on our own, without the alarm clock

4. And to wake up to a house that is clean, laundry done and breakfast ready

5. Break from maid supervision once a week

6. Just a nap

7. To have my cup of coffee while it is still hot

8. A hot bath with no banging on the toilet door. And no ‘ What are you doing ?’ questions

9. Get drunk on tequila. Lots of it

10. To not hear I want to do potty one day

11. Tantrum free babies for one day

12. A foot rub from a professional

13. The husband to handle the kids for a change

14. No cleaning of butts for a day

And, this one tops the list – To be me!

Go ahead, make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one for your guardian angel!

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