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Life As We Know It: A Moment With My God!

Photographer: Richa Sharma

Standing outside a temple in south India, I realised that religion is not a compulsion for a common man but a string to hold on in times of turmoil and an object of personal strength.

Everyone has their own way to bow to the deity inside the temple. For some, it is taking an all-expensive flower basket while for some a decent little hello. No wonder, in ancient times temples were places of social orders and gathering. So much of social buzz.

my god 3
Photographer: Richa Sharma

Everyone has their bit of faith. As a cyclist rode past, he got off his bicycle, took off his slippers right in the middle of the road and bowed before his deity.

This was his silent moment with God.

And my silent moment with God also happened as I stood there thanking him. Enough for the smiles, the people in my life and so many reasons he has given me to celebrate.

Everyone like me, who came there to touch gold, wanting to become gold had a specific look that said: help me oh my God. Give me this and all of that.

That one hour outside that temple I felt so close to every human who walked up those stairs and this was my moment with my God.

Photographer: Richa Sharma

The blessings I cherish the most, the way the sun smiles me on a chilly winter morning, the sudden rain showers on a hot humid summer day and the crazily beautiful full moon!

Photographer: Richa Sharma



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