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Italian Pastry Chef Creates Miniature World In The Most Amazing Way!



Pastry Chef from Italy creates magic with his work not just as a chef but as a miniature artist. Food itself is an art but when it meets art of mini world it’s a treat indeed. Artist Matteo Stucchi is a pastry chef from Monza Italy, who builds desserts into miniature world.

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They simply look like a giant dessert in the world of small people. These creative works clearly show the best of imagination at work. Desserts always bring a smile on your face  and you always have an appetite for them. No matter how much you have eaten, you always have some space for the dessert. This creative venture has brought a lot of fame & followers to the chef-cum-artist.

Italian Pastry Chef Creates Miniature World In The Most Amazing Ways!

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More Info Matteo Stucchi

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