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Mind-blowing illustrations capture the happiness of being single

For most people, being single means one is a loner, with no one to love or be loved by. But, contrary to popular belief, being single is not about looking out for love but being full of love for oneself. Singlehood comes with its own perks – personal space and freedom top it all.

It’s just like a person eating alone is looked upon as a person who doesn’t have company for meals. Inversely, it could be possible that the person likes to be alone and eating alone is just an extension of that. So, being single is not about being alone but instead being by yourself and being the person you were meant to be.

Such sentiments have been illustrated by one LA-based artist Yao Yao Ma Van As, which will definitely make you yearn for the single status.

‘I’ is the focus

No hangups here

Connect with the soul

Not a care in the world

My space, my rules

In complete tune with self

Why meet when phones are there

Cuddle and snuggle

Reclaim my inner peace

Midnight snacking this

Music is my sole company


No one to judge

Being single, I rule this place

Happy chores, no compulsion

Fearless s-talking

Sipping on the rain

Explore the unexplored

Being single, books my only company…

It’s ok to be scared

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