Mexicans rescuing a dog from quake debris revives death of humanity


News, trends, almost everything these days reminds you of how cruel the world has become. The loss of human values is a major loss and hardly talked about. Mexico was just trying to recuperate from the tremors of 8.1 magnitude it felt about a week-and-a-half ago when another quake hit it with forces that claimed lives on September 19.

Almost 225 lives have been lost in the tremors that went up to 7.1 Richter scale.

The strange thing that everyone is talking about the timing of the quake. About 32 years ago on the same day Mexico was struck with a massive earthquake.On September 19, 1985, a quake of magnitude 8.1 had destroyed a major part of the city.

Various videos were being surfaced on the internet showing disastrous impact of the quake.

Situations like these are tests of true humanity for one and all. Amid all the chaos and rescue operations, a deed that shows the high spirit and humanity of Mexicans. This video shows no matter what one should never give up on lives!


Kudos to the rescue team, a true inspiration & a reality check just when I was thinking my life is tough!

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