‘Smart’ Menstrual Cup Transmits Messages From Down There!


In case you always run around for a pad just because you forget your dates or because you didn’t realize that it was time to change the existing one down there, then this is surely a product to look out for..!!

Loon cup…developed by the Loon Labs is basically a reusable menstrual cup which tracks the volume and color of menstrual fluid and uses Bluetooth to send that info to its connected app. If you want to track and learn more about your monthly flow while offering heavy period protection, you can preorder a Bluetooth-connected menstrual cup that sends reports to your phone.

Loon cup is made of medical grade silicon and is fitted with a sensor, battery and antenna the approximate size of a contact lens.

Menstrual cups have existed for years in a variety of brands such as the Moon cup, Diva Cup and Lunette, but Loon cup actually has sensors and the more this product is used, the more it learns about a user’s cycle and flow and it can even remind them their period is due, or alert them to changes they may not be aware of.

Loon cup’s initial target customers are people who already use menstrual cups, but cup fans might have some quibbles with its current iteration. For example, most menstrual cups come with a handle at the bottom for easier removal, but some users find it uncomfortable and cut it off. You can’t do that with the Loon cup because of its antenna, which sends data from the sensor to its app, is in its handle.

At the moment the Loon cup is being crowdfunded on Kick-starter, and has already raised more than half of its $50,000 (£33,000) goal.

If it reaches its target, the Loon cup will launch in January 2016 and become one of the first pieces of wearable tech used specifically to aid menstruation.

Finally, women hygiene is becoming a talked about thing rather than a shhhhh topic..!!

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