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How Many Of Us Have Asked This Question: What If Men Had Periods?



We are all so familiar with the term – ‘That Time Of The Month’!

Some of us even use it jokingly for mood swings not associated with the monthly menstrual cycle. We crib and cry about how our lives get restricted because we are “down”. Cramps and mood swings aside, we feel bloated and have to be conscious about what we wear lest we “stain”.

That said, there are million of girls who do not have access to proper sanitation methods or even a clean toilet. Indian girls in the rural areas are known to have used rough sacks or cloth to deal with the bloody flow. There are still some areas wherein girls are forced into solitary confinement with even their utensils being segregated from the main kitchen.

So, as a woman, I want to raise the point – What if men had periods?

One thing is for sure, if men had periods, they would definitely brag about the size…no, don’t get me wrong. The size of their tampons!

Women would be expected to behave warm & considerate! Hah!

men had

Advertisements would be like

Tampons or Manpons would be as much of a novelty as condoms

They will finally say NO to sex during periods

men had

Would ask for special allowance for work-from-home

men had

Likewise, L-guards L-pads will be introduced. Lol!


Unfortunately, no masturbation during periods!

Naked Man Holding Heart Shape

Even more, no porn. It will result in more pain…poor men!

Now, it’s their turn to worry about spotting. Yuck!

men had

Their turn to face restrictions during ‘those days of the month’

men had

If this happens, men will finally come to know the discomfort and pain a woman undergoes every month.

Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!

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