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Today Men Feel Proud By Doing These Shitty Things!

There is nothing wrong in doing things your heart desires. But for a man who has no qualities, the only option he is left with is to brag about things that we wants to do. It is often seen that men take pride in a lot of shitty things. How can someone be proud of something he didn’t achieve? Khurki lists a couple of things that men should think twice before being proud of….

Being a girl’s first lover (in bed)

A lot of times you will see guys bragging to their friends and feeling proud about how they have had sex with a virgin girl and these are the same men who will want to marry virgins.

Image Source
Image Source

Drinking heavily

Not all, but many guys are really proud about the regularity of them getting drunk and they like to congratulate and support younger fellows to get into alcohol.

Having many girlfriends and being a master player

A lot of times guys love to brag about having so many girls or being a great player and being able to handle it all without breaking a sweat. Why is this so wonderful as an achievement to men?

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Image Source

Not being a virgin himself

Men are always happy to discuss how experienced they are while the women are always expected to be a virgin. It just doesn’t make any sense?

Physically abusing their partners

They take pride in talking about kicking, biting or slapping their wife or spouse. They should be ashamed! And these are men who have low self esteem and do not feel personally responsible for his actions.

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Image Source

Over speeding or rash driving

This is really insane! Not only is this against the law but also wastes fuel and is a risky activity. Guys find it cool and think this is the best way to impress a girl, as they think girls like boys who drive fast. However, they do not realize that they are acting reckless at wheel.

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Image Source

Being the one who used a lady and dumped her

Some men will go to the extreme extent of lying about having slept with a woman whom they don’t even know. I have noticed that guys always like to brag about a situation where all the women are at their mercy or they are begging for marriage or respect.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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