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Most Memorable Scenes From Bollywood 2015!

The year 2015 may have finished, but the fantastic movies that it gave us haven’t. More than ever before, some movies left us with some very memorable scenes.

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The year gave us some excellent and memorable movies. There were hits in all kinds of genres. So we picked some of the most memorable scenes for you, which got stuck in our head forever. And if we missed yours, do share it with us.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Kangana Ranaut totally stole our hearts with her double role performance in the movie. We totally loved her in the boy coming to see girl scene, where she interviews a prospective groom in a bath towel.

tanu weds manu returns


The movie earned Anushka Sharma a lot of respect for her acting skills. And don’t you simply love her in the end, where she lights up a cigarette after killing the bad guy.



You might have a long list of favourite scenes from this blockbuster. But we think what really stands out is the scene where Baahubali holds up the statue of Bhallala from falling down. And if you missed it, go watch it now…


The movie is a must watch, that is if you still haven’t seen it. The most heart-breaking scene in the movie was when Deepak realises that the corpse that he is about to light up is Shallu’s.


Deepika has had a fantastic year and Piku was another feather in her cap. However, the most hilarious scene in the movie is the one where Irrfan Khan teaches Big B how to sit on a commode.


We loved the scene where Deepika Padukone realizes that she has fallen for Ranbir Kapoor and gives him a goodbye kiss. The look in her eyes stayed with us forever.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

This warm and heart touching movie did wonders for Bhai. But we think the most memorable scene from the movie was when Munni screams out Mama in the end. How many of you sobbed and had goosebumps?

Overall, 2015 was a year when Bollywood evolved by great level.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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