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Mega Kitchens In India! And These Have A Purpose…

If you have ever been to a gurudwara or a temple, you will surely remember the community kitchen.

The sheer success of the manpower and the machinery impresses one and all. India has many such mega kitchens where people can go and have a meal for free.

While some of us struggle to make Maggi, there are people who cook for thousands in a day, with a smile.

Have a look.

1. The Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya in Shirdi

The kitchen is unique just not for the food. It has four rooftops covered with solar dishes. The kitchen prepares 40,000 meals every single day. And that’s not all. They also make special breakfast packets which are distributed for free.

2. The Indian Railways

The railways make food for almost 6 lakh people on a daily basis. But their kitchen in Mumbai Central is extraordinary. 2200 passengers get to eat clean and hygienic food here. We are talking of about 1,500 paranthas every sixty minutes.

3. Taj SATS Air Catering Ltd

This mega kitchen is in the sky. The company specializes in in-flight catering for all the flights leaving from the major metros. You will be shocked to know that they had prepared 1,00,00,000 kgs of food by 2011. The catering service is ranked 4th in the world.

4. The Golden Temple in Amritsar

Once in your lifetime, you must taste the langar in Darbar Sahib. It’s like manna for us mortals. They churn out almost 2,00,000 rotis every single day and almost two tonnes of lentils. Nobody leaves empty stomach from here.

5. The ISKCON Foundation’s Akshaya Patra

A well known NGO that also happens to run the largest programme for school lunch. They have an ultra modern kitchen in Hubli, that can make 150,000 meals in less than four hours.

Here’s the biggest kitchen of the world:



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