Khurki Identifies 10 Most-Frequented Meet Up Places Of Lovers!


People of this earth often make it irritating for Romeos and Juliets or lovers to meet or express their emotions. They startle them and threaten them for no logic.

Lovers need some corner to hang out, some place that could be hidden from the prying eyes of friends and family. A spot that is not visited in routine but widely known by lovers.

Khurki was nursing this itch for some time to know where do lovers meet? So, it went spying on people and found places most frequented by lovers! Don’t share it with anyone, you may get stalked some day!

1. Quiet corners of movie theatres

Best place of Joy!

2. Behind the stairs

This happens when everyone is off to sleep!

3. Isolated Parks

More of an Indian’s Place!

4. Coffee cafe

Better than the chaotic college canteen!

5. Serene hills

Best place to be with your loved one!

6. Shady terrace

One of the corners that are not visited often. Sound of someone climbing stairs is a warning sign to disengage.

7. In the car at night

When the only option you got is to sneak out!

8. Roof of the house

When your darling wants you on the spot!

9. College grounds/canteens

When you just can’t afford to go out!

10. Risk-filled hotel rooms

This happens when mothers are homemakers and your house is never vacant!

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