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Meat Ban Tweets Get Sonam And Sonakshi Trolled


The BMC imposed a four-day meat ban in Mumbai for the Jain festival of fasting.

Ok, so why only meat..ek kaam keejiye khana hee ban kar dijiye just because they are fasting..!! No one forces them to fast right..it’s their personal choice..so why should people who are not fasting suffer??

Yep..for meat lovers..not having non-veg for four days is a suffering in itself..!!

Yaar what about those people who are earning out of this business…jo community isse kamaati hai unka kya?? Four days, no business..!! Who is going to pay for their food? Will the Jain community do that? Will BMC pay for those communities?

This is a mere bullshit practice by the government and no one us can make a difference..kabhi porn ban kar dete hain…kabhi meat ban kar dete hain…aage dekho to inhone humein hee ban kar dena hai..!!

Communities ek doosre se anti karte hain ye politicians and jab riots ho jate hain to martey hain aam log…!! This is crazy man..!!

Iss pe jab Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor ne kiya tweet then she got trolled badly…she called it ‘misogynistic’ on Twitter and as expected, several users jumped at the opportunity ke bas beta baja do ab iski… Here are a few meat ban tweets shared by the celebrity females – Sonam and Sonakshi…


And again she went like…


Surprisingly, this shows the harmony that today’s general public has amongst themselves…sad but true..!!



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