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Getting Married In Summers…Why Oh Why? Avoid It All Cost, Khurki Advises!


Tony Thomas
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When it comes to weddings, we Indians take great pride in organising them in the best possible way. From the best destination to wonderful decorations, your list of wants and desires is never ending. But once you have everything in place, you tend to relax. But don’t you think the season also plays a key role on your wedding day? If so, imagine paying extra to keep the venue cool and fresh, they’d need an AC Company to come in and check the system is ready for the spew of cool air all day! We have the reasons why one should not plan their wedding during summers…

Heat and Sweat

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In such scorching heat, having a wedding outdoors is getting yourself into danger. If it’s a daytime ceremony, all you can plan is indoor gathering with air conditioning. No one can really enjoy a wedding with sweat beads and sun making their eyes squint. Brides that burn easily, are really sensitive to the sun. So you need to take extra precautions.

Additional cost for cooling

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In case you are planning to host your wedding outdoors, remember to set aside a portion of your budget for making arrangements for tents and shady areas for the guests. Summer is indeed beautiful, but it can really get hot. Already when your expenses for wedding is going high, make sure you have plenty of things to provide relief to your guests as well.

Extra care for arrangements

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On your wedding day, your mom won’t come after you saying, beta khana thanda ho jae tho fridge mae rakh dena. Either you need to be dependent on the organiser that they’ll take care of the arrangements well or Bhagwaan bharose that the food won’t get spoiled due to the hot weather.

Bugs can torture you well

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When summer rolls around, the bugs come out in full force. So a venue having the issue of bugs can haunt you later after wedding.

In case mosquitoes love you

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The only bite you would prefer on your wedding day is the love bite. But during summers, the mosquito bite can become a starter before the main course. Would it look good if your relatives and guests are seen clapping all the way. Not for you and your sweetheart though, but hunting mosquitoes.

Bad allergies can be uninvited guests

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A running nose or itchy eyes on your wedding day is not a perfect look, right! Mostly people are allergic to situations that occur more during summers.

You might get dehydrated easily

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In India, marriages are a long process. The rituals are conducted for hours. You may never know when you start feeling dehydrated and eventually need more and more of water intake. But the main question is how much water will you have during the nuptial. You may not get the opportunity to visit the washroom much.

What if it starts raining on your wedding day

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Summers bring in unexpected rain. And above all people pray much for rain during summers. What if God answers their intercession during your special day. You can’t have everything waterproof!

Heat=Thirst=Fast Drinking=More Booze=Hangovers

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Wedding without liquor sounds very dry. Your friends and relatives prefer having a lot more since it’s a great moment of celebration for them too. Now that there is already a ban on liquor, the prices might go high also. That’s it! Summer wedding will cost you purchase of more liquor and party will go on. End result is hangover for more duration.

Bride worries

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The most important point is to be shared at the end. So that it remains fixed in your mind. Think twice before keeping your wedding during summers. A bride having a heavy make-up and a much heavier Lehnga/gown and the groom with his formals/sherwani on, looks great. But to manage it all during summers. Think!

So all you people planning to have destination wedding at a cool location, it’s a fantastic idea. But for those who are set to face the summers and getting prepared for marriage, set the dates accordingly. Your guests might return unhappy.

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