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Marathi Dishes…Must Try At Least Once!!

Marathi dishes are delicious and ever so flavourful. They are spicy and quite hot, but you can’t stop at one bite.

The dishes have a touch of the coastal side and the Western Ghats. The aroma of the spices and the abundant use of ginger and garlic give the food a unique flavour. Lentils play a dominant role and are often eaten with roti and rice.

Have a look at these dishes…

1. Pohay (Pohe)


The snack is made with Pohe or flat rice. This dish can be had at any meal and is often served to guests.


2. Misal Pav


The dish originates from Pune. This is a water based curry preparation, which is rich in sprouts and onions and tomatoes.

3. Pitla Bhakri


This dish is often eaten in rural Maharashtra. It is made with powdered dal and often the base is bajra or jowar.


4. Sabudana Khichdi


This super healthy dish is made with pearls of sago palm. This dish is often eaten in breakfast and during fasts.


5. Bharli Vangi (Stuffed Eggplant)


This is a very ethnic traditional dish made from eggplant. There is abundant use of coconuts and peanuts in it.


6. Wada/Vada Pav


This is a world famous dish now. Our very own Indianised burger. You will find it on street corners and after every block. Eat it at the first opportunity you get.


7. Aamti (Maharashtrian-Lentils/Dal)


This is a very traditional way of making lentils. It is spicy, tangy and sweet. There is generous use of jaggery in this dish and is absolutely delightful.


8. Rassa


This is a typical non-vegetarian dish, which can be made with lamb, chicken or mutton. It is a spicy mutton curry that is had with rice.

So, whenever you get a chance, do try these dishes…Food heaven..!!

Priya Aurora
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