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Man Takes Revenge On Those Parking On His Land!

There’s a flea market in Croatia that sees action every Sunday. This is simply not liked by an old farmer. Reason is very simple: people use his land for parking which he obviously wants to use for farming.

Despite regular warnings by the farmer, people failed to learn a lesson. So, he took it upon himself to teach them a lesson.

And the bad ass farmer, instead of involving the police or towing away those vehicles, started his day at the farm in a regular manner. He ploughed the land between the two rows of parked cars and made them all taste a piece of their own medicine.

People were left trapped in their own negligence and were forced to involve the police. But the police couldn’t do anything about it. Finally, they had to get their cars towed away.

Quite a simple lesson learned the hard way!


Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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