Five Major Problems Twins Face. And You Thought It Was Fun!

Having a sibling is one of the most fun thing in a child’s life. You get a friend for life someone you can cherish, play with, talk to whenever you want and someone who will solve all your problems by being a partner in crime. However, apart from fun there are some issues which siblings face, which can be multiple if you have a twin. Khurki zeroed in five major problems faced by twins, especially identical ones, while growing up and later in life too…


1. Identity Crisis

We all must have witnessed twins dressed up in similar or exactly the same dress. We find it very cute and cool, but twins detest this as it adds confusion for people to differentiate between them. This mix-up creates identity crisis as they are mistaken to be the other one. They always find themselves fighting for individuality. This builds a rift between the two, which tends to stay with them even after they grow up.


Manisha Jessani
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