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These Were The Things Common Between Mahabharat & Ramayan!


The duo are the most referred epics in Indian mythology. Ramayan & Mahabharat come with various versions and there has always been curiosity about the relation between the two legendary scriptures. Are there any ways in which the two could be related to each other? Or what was Hanuman ji up to during the Mahabharat era.

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There have been common characters, avatars and sons and daughters related with one another. We have listed out a few things which were found common in Mahabharat & Ramayan.

Yudhishtir \was told the tale of Ramayan after losing the gamble to instil confidence in the dejected king.  

Source: GajabKhabar.com

The Sun God was father of Sugreeva and Indra was father of Bali. Sugreeva killed Bali in Ramayana.

Source: Sulekha.com

In Mahabharat, Sun God was father of Karna and Indra was father of Arjun. Arjun kills Karna. Thus, the balance was restored.

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Parashuram, who taught Ram and Laxman, was also Karna’s Guru. He cursed Karna when he found that he lied about being a Brahmin.

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Lord Vishnu was the elder brother as Ram and Adishesh was younger as Lakshman.

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In the next birth, Lord Vishnu was younger as Krishna and Adishesh was elder as Balaram.

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Vibhishan, brother of Ravan, attended the Rajasooya Yagna hosted by Yudhishtir at Indraprastha.

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This famous incident about Bheem and Hanuman… 

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In Mahabharat, Draupadi asks Bheem to get a flower whose scent was the sweetest. Bheem agrees and starts looking for such a flower. On his way, he sees a monkey’s long tail blocking his path. He asks the monkey to move out of his way, to which he asks Bheem to move it if he so wanted. So Bheem tries to lift the tail but fails. Then, Hanuman reveals his identity and blesses him.

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