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Low on Cash, But Wanna Do Aish. Let’s Tell You How!


Going on date doesn’t always imply it should be in a five-star hotel or visit to an expensive restaurant. At times, you are low on cash and still wish to impress your girl while spending quality time with her, so that she feels special and loved. Let’s take a sneak peek into cheap and interesting date options. If you did want to treat her to something a little more ‘upmarket’ but are worried about how you are going to cover the cost of it, maybe you could apply for signature loans to help you out while you’re low on funds.

7 Hilltop view can be romantic

6 Swim, barbecue and sunset

5 Candlelight dinner with a twist

You must be wondering how to take her for candlelight dinner when you don’t have cash. Well, that’s the catch. You just have to invite her home and cook food for her. Yes, make some effort for your love, refer to a cook book or YouTube if you need. Arrange a candlelit table for two at the terrace on a full moon night.

4 Check out the discounts in neighbourhood

3 Favourite movie & popcorn

2 Ice cream date

1 Bowling her over



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