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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…How Will You Know?


He loves me…he loves me not! Is this the dilemma you are facing? It is no rocket science to decipher the feelings he has for you. But the matter would be different if he is a dual personality and his love for you is just a show off. On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship and want this question to be answered….we sure can give you some clues to solve your problem!

10 It’s all about what he DOES

Love is a beautiful feeling that words can’t express, so to some extent his actions do matter. It’s just how he used to behave with you and how he is behaving now?

9 If he shares his feelings with you

Sharing your feelings with each other can really help develop a strong bond between both of you as partners. So if he really shares his sorrows, his pains and the good parts with you, then you really are very important to him.

8 If he is possessive, sometimes

Though girls don’t like possessive boys, but trust me it’s one of their ways to express their love for you. I think it’s somewhere in their blood or genes to be possessive. In fact, with his such reactions you get to know how much you matter.

7 If he is touched when you cry

If he loves you, then your tears starts melting his heart and to express his feelings he will hug you immediately. Trust me, this is the best part you would love!

6 If he scolds you, sometimes

No doubt you are like his pampered child, but parents also scold their children when they do something wrong. So same is with your love. You are not perfect and can commit mistakes. So if he scolds you sometimes, it’s his hidden care for you. Don’t take him wrong!

5 His eyes are the mirror to his heart

Actually it’s not his, it’s your test. Being humans, our eyes reflect what’s in our heart and if you love him, you will be able to read his eyes and know how he actually feels about you!

4 When your actions and reactions matter to him

When he says something funny, does he look at you to see if you enjoyed the joke or not? And if he does, it’s only because he cares about you the most.

3 If his eyes reflect your smile

When you cry, he becomes emotional but when you smile can you feel your happiness in his eyes. If yes, then your smile is actually worth a million dollar for him!

2 If he’s looking after your interests

You might get irritated at times, but he doesn’t give up on you and keeps suggesting new ways to excel, to grow and to shine! Without any doubts, he is your well wisher.

1 You matter to him

If it’s you who really matters to him, if it’s you who comes before himself in his life – this really proves the importance you have in his life.



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