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Love You Or Love Myself….Think Again!

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Sometimes, we love others not because we actually love them it’s because we need them. But very smartly or sometimes unknowingly we just consider it love. Otherwise, love is such a pious feeling which you should give others unconditionally. There are no pre and post conditions in love. When you love, you just love!

8 Love you because…

Can you answer this? If yes, then your love is doubtful! Because there’s no reason to love and if you have, what would you call your so called “love” when that reason would not be there!

7 No conditions

Relationships which are based on any type of conditions are relationships-cum-deals. Applying conditions in such relationships is like restricting them in the golden cage of love.

6 No expectations

Expectations always hurt!! When you expect something and your loved one doesn’t live up to those expectations, your relations get disturbed. So it’s better not to expect.

5 Love them the way they are

You loved them earlier but now when you are supposedly understanding them, things are changing. It means, it was not love. It can be a mere attraction or whatever, but not love.

4 Don’t examine

“Parkho mat parkhne se koi apna nahi reh jata”. So don’t keep testing their love because by doing this, you may get the desired justification but will lose them for sure.

3 Love is selfless

Love is a selfless process. There is nothing like give and take, it’s all about giving. I, me and myself are nowhere to be seen when it comes to love.

2 Their happiness

Between you and them, their desires and their happiness is all that matters to you. Preference is always them and if they love you, then for them it’s you only.

1 It’s just Thee and Thine

In love, “You” yourself are nowhere to be seen or on your part. It’s just “tuhi tu” i.e. just thee and thine not me and mine.



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