You Love Him, But Feel Suffocated? 8 Things You Should Do!


Amrita Garg
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My boyfriend and I live together. He takes good care of me but sometimes I feel suffocated since he is always pointing out things. Should I move out? Is this the feeling that makes you restless every time? Well, if it is then question yourself really hard whether you still love him. If you get yes as an answer, then don’t let him go because true love is very hard to find and you never know if you will get that love again or not. Be patient and try hard to make it work again! 

Imagine your life without him

Just to make yourself clear about your feelings for him, imagine your life without him. If you feel lonely and sad, it means you do love him. So how can you even think of leaving him?

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Analyse yourself

Scan yourself and your habits well. Try and analyse your behaviour and nature. Maybe you are mistaken somewhere and that’s why he needs to point things out to you.

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Can you ignore him?

Just try it once. If you love him, you won’t succeed in ignoring him. In fact, you will start thinking about him most of the time.

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Try to understand him

Boys are possessive for their girls. If he stops you from something, it might be his care and not his attempt at controlling your life. So, try to understand his concern about you.

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Look into his eyes

The best way to gain confidence about your relationship is to look into his eyes. If you can see love and care for you, then he’s the only guy for you.

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Give him some more time

If you actually don’t want to move out, then give him some more time. Make him realise that you care for him.

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Understand his likes and dislikes

Try to be his girl. Dress up the way he admires, behave the way he likes. Trust me, this will really help you to get your relationship back on track.

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Talk to him about this

You can let him know how you feel when he points things out to you. May be he understands you controls himself. Because it takes two to tango, both of you should put in your best efforts to make your relationship last long!

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