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Love Biking? Just Follow Some Simple Rules When Out In The Rain!

If you love biking, whether that’s on a motorbike or bicycle, then you’ll know that rain only means trouble. Whilst the rain falling on your face is a delight, potholes full of dirty water throw the romance out of the window. Plus if it’s raining really hard it can affect your vision. You might want to get MTB glasses that protect your eyes if this is the case for you.

You might be the best biker in town, but it still makes more sense to be careful. Rain can cause more issues than you think, from causing you to slip and fall to ruining your engine or chain. If you own a Harley Davidson, for example, it’s best not to take it out into the rain at all. Classic bikes rust easily and are not built to survive monsoon weather. However, if you do get caught in the rain on your Harley, don’t worry, Harley Insider has some tips to help you care for every inch of it. For those with other bikes, we have a smart checklist for you, which you must keep in mind at all times.

1. Always gear up

There is nothing cool or sexy about riding in drenched clothes. You only look like a fool. Invest in good quality rain accessories and enjoy the rains to the fullest.

2. Nothing like a solid head gear

A good helmet will protect your face and give you more control. And you will be able to check out the girls too.


3. Tread-locked tyres are the key

You might have the gear and the confidence but if you don’t have the tyres, you will slip and fall. Be smart, not dumb! Sometimes though, you may slip and fall from your bike through no fault of your own. And that is when you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case. We at GJEL Accident Attorneys, (you can view our website here) will be able to offer you all the knowledge and experience that we have to help get what you deserve. But please, always make sure that your tires are in good use first before going on any sort of trip!

4. Don’t take your eyes off the road

This is India my friend, anything can suddenly come in front of you. Stay focused and don’t let anything distract you in the rains.

keep your eyes on the road

5. Stay away from the oil spills

The rainbows on the road will look tempting, but they only bring grime, slick and dirt as after baggage. If you dislike scrubbing stay away!

Oil Spills

6. No harm in waiting it out

Precaution is always better than cure. If you have the time and the patience, wait out for the rains to stop. Let the grime and dirt settle down.


7. Apply rear brakes always before front ones

Repeat this to yourself every time you step out in the rain. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your bike does an endo.


8. Have fun!

Don’t let the joy of cruising in the rain be hampered by anything. Enjoy every second of it!

enjoy the ride

Happy biking ‘coz Khurki understands the adrenaline rush it brings along.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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