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Watch Lost Lake: A Lake That Drains Out?



A lake that drains like a bathtub?

Well there is one, called the Lost Lake that drains out its water every summer on its own. This lake is located in the Mount Hood National Forest and has baffled scientists every year.

The question that pops up in each one of our minds is:

Where the hell does the water from Lost Lake go?

The only theory that make sense is that it feeds an underground aquifer. But the region is not in drought so why the draining.

There is another theory that a lava tube below the lake might be up to mischief. Whatever the reason the Lost Lake is sure a freak of nature as; it resembles a meadow in summer and an ordinary water body in winter.

Click on the following video of Lost Lake to know that what we are talking about:


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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