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Lessons Every Guy Should Learn From Lord Shiva To Be A Perfect Man!

Lord Shiva is unlike all other Hindu Gods. He certainly pleases almost everyone. Looking from the perspective of an average guy next door, Shiva is simply the coolest God. He looks amazing, he is a charmer and a man with focus. In the world where our role models are actors and film heroes, let me introduce you to Shiva in a different way. A Hindu God, but way more of an inspiration for all of us to be a perfect man.

Not in one way but we should learn several lessons of manhood from the ultimate God. I am no religion expert, but tidbits I could gather about Shiva give us a lot of lessons. Few describe Shiva as a yogi, few as the ultimate God, and a few as an excuse for marijuana. But we have the things-to-learn from symbols associated with Lord Shiva for the perfect manhood.

Snake Around Neck – Be Brave

Wear your fear around your neck, no Shiva was not afraid of snakes. Religion is all about the symbols and not the literal meanings. An important lesson of manhood to learn from Shiva is being brave. Being so brave that bravery comes naturally to you.

Blue Throat, Drink The Poison

Cutting the legend short, Shiva drank poison which was the deadliest ‘drink’ ever. It could have destroyed the complete world but Shiva came in between destruction. No matter what, a real man should always be there for rescue. Not bothered about the consequences, Shiva literally tells you to “be a man”.

Being Innocent

Lord Shiva

Shiva alias Bholenath, literally meaning innocent. The ultimate attraction in a man is his innocence. Believing in people and staying away from the clever and crooked.

Being Yogi

This is for those who consume bhaang, hemp, marijuana, or even Vibes CBD oil all the time but have never once done so in the name of Shiva. Or perhaps you do but have never closed your eyes to meditate and reflect once. If you try one of these mind relaxers like Shiva try and meditate like Shiva as well. You can look for equipment such as this Crafty+ vaporizer that allows you to slowly vaporize your cannabis flower, instead of combusting it. For all men out there, yoga and mediation is the key to a healthy mind and body. An important aspect of being a perfect man isn’t it?

Intense Love For Partner

Lord Shiva

Shiva was madly in love with his wife Sati. As per the legend, Shiva was not invited to a grand Yajna organised by her father Daksha. She was in rage against her father and took a celestial form and killed herself. Shiva could sense the catastrophe and was at the peak of his anger, which could have resulted in a Pralaya. (Read more about the legend here.) But the pick from here is that, he was a devoted husband and a passionate lover, which a man certainly needs to be, being a complete man you see!

Simple Life

Lord Shiva

Unlike other Gods, Shiva is the most simple being. A man who wears animal skin, and no gold ornaments or any other materialistic attraction. You don’t find him living in a palace but atop a mountain. And simplicity is the best charm a perfect man can carry with himself.

Respect for wife

Parvati was the reincarnation of Lord Shiva’s first wife Sati. It would certainly not be wrong to call Shiva a one-woman man. Unlike a few other Gods, Parvati always sat with him and not at his feet. He always loved & respected his wife.

Self control

Lord Shiva

When anger caused by the death of Sati subsided, Shiva went into a deep meditation to calm himself down. He retired to a cave and kept meditating. But other Gods were in a state of war with Trakasur and needed to help from Lord Shiva. To wake him from his meditation, God of love Kamdeva tried to distract Shiva and as a result faced the anger of Shiva.

DISCLAIMER: The debate on these legends being true or not will never end. The deciphered meanings are real truth or not is again debatable. But all you have to take and learn from here is, Shiva being THE perfect man!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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