All who know the so called PG Ki Zindagi. How different it is? With all the twist and turns of life. Either you are well prepared in advance by your parents that you have to step out of your comfort zone to go and study/work, staying away from home or eventually you are forced to be there. Whatsoever it may be, what Khurki here is to throw light upon the reasons why one should try that very life once. Because we bet there are many reasons that life teaches you once you are away from home. Wanna know what all, keep reading.

You realize that your Home is the best place on Earth and is much closer to your heart than you ever thought of


It’s only after staying in Hostel or PG that you understand the worth of your home sweet home. Your cozy bed and Ghar ka khana. You’ll understand its worth then.

You start valuing money and appreciate the things that belongs to you


Value for money is one such essential element that we all need to focus on and also the things that money can buy you learn to respect that.

You learn all sorts of Management Skills


Once you start staying away from home, eventually you accept your surrounding and live according to the situations. Letting you polish your management skills altogether.

You learn the so called dialogue you heard often,”Apne Pairon Par Khada Hona”


Yes that’s true. You learn to solve the problems that comes your way and that makes you more humble because you know how you came out of those situations.

You’ll know the real meaning of independence, how?


Well cooking, washing, cleaning, managing, no time constraints, taking care and doing everything by yourself. Isn’t it complete freedom?

You become a Traveler with time


You start enjoying travelling. Because you start to hunt new destinations and explore more.

You realize the worth of friends


With days passing by you make friends at the new destination you are and also staying with your PG friends. You come to know the very essence of friendship and how they become your family away from family.

There’s nothing warmer than a Mother’s hug


..and nothing special than a Father’s words


You’ll know the different world you’ll be in when you get back home for vacations and you get that very hug from your parents.

When you start earning, it makes you feel proud and your parents prouder


Believe it or not. Till the time you start living by your own and start earning that too by your own, you never knew that value of spending and saving.

With all these realizations in your court, you tend to get Matured


Maturity comes with experiences and lessons you learn each day from your life. And in your PG life both of these knocks at the door in numerous ways. So feel proud that you have finally grown up better!

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Leaving home for work or study seems like a new beginning altogether. But with all these reasons one must give it a try. Who knows your life might take a much needed turn! All those who have tasted this very PG journey knows what I meant to say.

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