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On Saturday, Learn How To Be The Life Of Any Party!


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Manisha Jessani
Manisha Jessani
"Simple yet complicated, upfront yet sophisticated! I have a knack of knowing people, maybe because of what I've seen in life or maybe I was born with it. I wanna leave my mark!"

You guys must have gone through this situation where you have to attend a party and you don’t know anyone out there. You wish to have fun and make new connections, but don’t know how. Here are top five ways that will help you to be the life of any party!

Be confident

“First impression is the last impression”. This saying is apt in this case. Make sure to dress up in your best outfit and don’t forget to wear your smile. When you enter the party, the first thing everyone should notice is your confidence. Once you achieve that, the whole night will be fun.


Just focus on having fun

If you focus on attracting people’s attention and to make an impression on them, you are going to fail at achieving anything. Against concentrating on your looks and body language, just focus on having fun.


Be the ally to the host

Always be around the host of the party. This way you will be able to attract attention from people you don’t know. Helping the host in serving the invitees, giving ideas to make the party more fun or avoiding trouble will make you his/her favourite friend in the party.


Interact as much as you can

First start interacting with people you already know, then through them introduce yourself to others and slowly move around the party talking to everyone, cracking some jokes here and there, clicking selfies randomly. This way, people will find you happening.


Dance till you get tired

Every good party has a dance floor, because dancing is an integral part of a party. If you are shy, don’t hesitate. No one is going to judge your dancing skills. Everyone is there to have fun, so just enjoy dancing with your new friends.


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