Living With A Transgender Kid? Read For Sure…


I had a friend who was actually confused about her life all the time…she was born a girl with a penis…and that’s why many of you can call her ‘transgender’.

For me she was just ‘my friend’..!!

Although I didn’t realize the gravity of this condition when I was a kid but growing up,a lot of things around me made me wonder – what’s wrong if she is born that way? Did she choose it for herself?

No one chooses it one chooses the characteristics they are born with, it’s’s God.

Here are the things that I felt were wrong when she was growing up:

She was looked down if she’s incapable of living life like a normal kid.

She was made fun off. Sad..! My heart went out to her when she was asked this question ‘Tu ladka hai ya ladki?’

Her parents felt she was a burden on them and that she brought disgrace to the family..!! What..? Really? Have you ever thought of what she is going through? She didn’t choose her body to be this way okay..!!

I remember this one time when there was a wedding across the street where this group of eunuchs were dancing (Indian custom which is very common at the wedding house) and suddenly one of them came to her and asked her to join them. The eunuch didn’t know about her condition…suddenly a voice came from behind…rather a shout which broke her down tears “Le bhi aapki category ki hai..isse apni toli men hee add karlo..!!

Everyone burst into laughter while I sat there silently, watching each wicked smile with disbelief…how insensitive…how disgraceful…how inhumane..!

Other parents made sure that their sons and daughters didn’t hang around with her…they thought that she was sexually weird and might ask the other kids for strange sexual favours.

She wasn’t taken along to social gatherings…her family used to leave her home and go out…but she always had a place which welcomed her with a warm hug – My home.

Transgender Dating has it’s hurdles, but eventually, she found a significant other. The love of her life was taken away from her just coz the parents thought that they would not be able to reproduce… heart breaking..she was shattered that day. The world has made such medical breakthroughs and people are still stuck at the reproduction shit..!! Doesn’t the word adoption make any sense to anybody??

A lot can be said but well…here’s the whole insight about their life in Joey’s words, who was born a transgender…

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